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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 3, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> that is funny. we do that for humor. >> the president is coming up in 30 minutes. thank you for being with us today. thank you so much for watching. here comes gretchen and the real story. >> hi everyone. welcome to a two day edition of the real story today. we are waiting for a statement from president obama. this comes in the wake of a botched website rollout that you now about. the president is said to highlight benefits that have already kicked in.
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>> i would point out that some of this reporting about this seems to be reiteration of the basic assertion with which we do not disagree. that the website was functioning poorly in october. but it is functions more effectively now. >> i would guess that you are glass you are not in the white house now and i'm glad that i'm not in the department of health and human services. >> what do you make of this rebranding effort? is it going to work? >> the experience that people are having under this new law
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runs down ter s counter to the out of the white house. everything that will be fine and jay carney saying that everything is going good. this is just happy talk. >> and we are going to hear from the president every single day now, almost until christmas about the positive nature of health more now on that shocking new report claiming that 1/3 of the people that enrolled may not be signed up. the white house is denying those numbers but yesterday, the company that is overseeing that website, calling their company to make sure they are enrolled. >> >> really?
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so now we are going to blame the consumer when they don't have health care? >> this gets the companies in a weird place. it says every insurance company is limited to expanding to a group market to every dollar no more than 15% of that can go for salaries, benefits, taxes, rent, all of the operation needed to run it. 15 crepts. so when the government says if you don't think you got insurance go ahead and call up the insurance company, load up the cost and if it reaches that 15% mlr cap, it gets a big fine. so these companies are saying, you crskruped up the website an you are requiring us to call up
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people and verify the correct data and now you are saying am i signed up? and they have to be unhappy because they know they are going to get hit with a big fine. >> it is unbelievable. you are talking about new information that people like you and me research this hardly know about. there are new reports that have reached 100,000 now. remember though, the goal was 7 million people 2.5 million had to be the young people to pay for everyone else. 127,000 now. are we going to make that mark? >> realize now, there are 121 days they are going to have to sign up 156,000 people a day to hit their target. they have to sign up each day
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more than half of what they signed up in november. the administration projected out of every 8 people who signed up. 7 would get subsidies and what we know about the people who enrolled but enrolled in october and november is in the state exchanges only 23% rather than 87.5% and just only 30% say a lot of people say they will going to get a lot of help from the government and the cost is much much higher than they anticipa anticipated. >> a fox news alert, our ed henry asking jay carney more questions. >> if they don't have it they are going to look at the options available to them and choose the
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certainty that comes with quality affordable health care. >> we have to go. >> in your response to the treasury report. are you building new safeguards? what i quoted to the irs, the irs has a sernt amount of experience. >> this is not something that hhs could be dealing with and prevent this issue it is all in the irs has to deal with it? >> we have been listening to jay carney doing this for more than an hour still talking about health care and the president is going to be coming out and saying that the website has been a success. you have to wonder about
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security right now will the president address the security concerns about americans who are giving their personal information on these websites will that be what he talks about today or will he only discuss the fact that he and his administration only feel that the website is mostly fixed for the majority of americans. next up, exam given to 15-year-olds in the world's most developed country students trailing in science and math. americans failed to crack the top 20 in any category. this will spark new debate about the money we spend on education here in the u.s. >> autopsy results today in the
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tragic death of paul walker. they are quillare killed which they were driving hit a hpoll ad was burt tst into flames. >> show the love that you have shown paul. he could have stayed with me forever. thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven how much you appreciate him. >> fans have gathered at the site since the accident happened on saturday. he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. white house tries to shift the focus from disastrous website roll out. but is it really on the mend. a woman out walking her dog gets attacked by a bear. >> a woman has been mauled by a
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welcome back. a serious bear attack last night. the woman suffered serious injuries but she is expected to survive. the attack happened near a conservation area. so far the bear has not been
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captured. stunning new numbers show young people and democrats continue to be the least familiar with obama care. new gallop poll shows 37% are not familiar with obama care. good to see both of you today. >> thank you for having us. emily, how do you sustain this program with the glitches. you look at this poll. the young people who you need to sign up, only 63% are aware of what it is. what is going on? >> it is not all that surprise that go young people are the category that have the least information. they have the least contact with the health care system all together. if we look at what is actually happening and the states release
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the numbers of who is signing up. we are seeing that the quarter of the people who are signing up overall, kentucky has year a a third. young people are actually signing up under the law and are continuing to do so. if your friend signs up, you will be more interested in going into it. chris, these numbers are dismal for this administration right now. supposedly they needed the 7.5 million to make this thing run. it doesn't look like you could possibly get there. it doesn't. speaking of the friends and neighbors policy, that it is going to cost them more than what they thought. that they are going to have to pay out of their own pocket, i think that word will spread about that and it is not just the people from 18-29 that have
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low numbers on this. the next lowest number is that 65% that say that they are familiar with the law which is pretty striking. given that this administration has focused on democrats all along. republicans focused on 88%. 23% are startling numbers given the attention that we've got. in the meantime the white house launching a new effort to rebrand obama care. the shift focusing from his broken promise. >> read my lips. no new taxes. >> if you liked your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor period.
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it's a punchline. this is definitely barack obama's read my lip s moment. >> let me get emily in here to defend whether or not you think it is that serious of a moment. whether we still remember that. >> look, i think today is a rebrand. today is a hit restart button on it. since the health care law started to go into effect. the website was not good but it is not the law. there are other pieces that have gone into effect like being able to get new coverage. young people being able to stay on their parent's coverage. >> yeah, but today republicans agreed on.
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those are not the things that we are hearing about that are problems with the law itself. but now the president is going to come forward during the month of december. 15 minutes from now we will see what that is about. have a great day. >> thank you. >> the white house seems to be running out of excused for the problems with the website. >> where is the accountability? will somebody get fired over this? >> it is impossible to do something in this administration that gets you fired. it is impaossiblimpossible. you can lie to people and misrepresent the facts but it is impossible to get fired. >> someone doing the lord's work in restaurants and bars leaving giant tips and guess what? all in the name of joyce. jesus. >> when i saw thetize of the
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mystery diner leaving a $1,000 tip at an la restaurant. >> wow. nice for them to see someone leaving a large amount for them to split that night. it happened four or five times. they left $54,000 across the united states since he or she came on the scene back in september. if you know who it is.
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let me know. >> a lot of folks are fired up. >> it will be in explickable if somebody involved in the creation of the website doesn't get fired. >> when it comes to making the affordable care act work for the american people. >> a lot of folks fired up about the botched roll out of obama care but so far no one has been fired. these are just a few of the headlines. and growing speculations of a white house shake up. great to see you andy.
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what does the president have to do? >> i think he should take a look at his entire team. it is the chief of staff's job to remind the president to pay attention to changes that may have to be made because the president has to change a base of a problem. you want to change that base so you don't have identification with a problem. i kept a hit by the bus list for the president in case he had to make the change. >> interesting. >> i suspect that the chief of staff has that job right now. >> you called it a hit by the bus list. >> i wonder what he has in store for kathleen sebelius. >> remember that most of these people serve at the pleasure of the president. >> i think he should want to make a change if only to
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demonstrate with the american people public and it is going to be different. sometimes it is to change the faces of the people running the organization. >> that makes it sound to me, one this cosmetic change the sacrificial lamb and then there is the other, the whole new fresh start to help the president's image, right? >> you want to make sure that if there are policy changes, that helps to define that there is change. you don't want people who are labeled as in competent to remain on the job. i hope that president is recognizing in competence around
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him. he should have been told early on that what he said when he said you can keep your insurance if you like it. he said that several times. great to get your perspective on this. thank you so much. >> historic find emerges from the dark waters of hawaii. fascinating. >> and we are waiting for the president now to take the podium. it is a special room. we don't see it very often. his inaugural run on the real
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story. my old friend and i say that in a kind way. can't wait to talk to you. we'll be right back.
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we are awaiting now a statement from president obama on obama care and to shift the focus from a botched rollout and
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the cancellation of millions of insurance plans. >> i know there were a lot of questions about health care right? >> yes, this came up for jay carney. senate republicans were pointing out today that this is about the 12th time that the president has launched the so pauled major pr blitz to sell the benefits of health pressed jay on why they have to keep going back to that? >> you have made this pitch before and people are not buying it. >> really because the law passes and a million people showed up yesterday and people are enrolling every day. and senator mcconnell -- >> that is what we are being told today. there is no alternative from the
11:31 am
republican side. that the rollout has not been perfect but they think they are starting to turn the corner and that the benefits are starting to get to the american people. >> while the white house want to claim that the website is not working we know that it is still plagued with problems. and every american deserves relief from it. while this administration deserves to come clean and how and why americans are impacted by this law. this is not something that is impacting american people inins. they are about to turn the corner on this and they are going to get past the website and start talking about what will be the positive aspects of
11:32 am
it they believe once it is fixed there are going to be negative impacts. we have heard that debate before. it continues now. an important thing to look at, we are told the president and his aids will be doing health care reform. it is hard for him to do immigration reform or find success stories for every single day leading up to it. >> now headlines as we await the posting from the president. 7% rise. chrysler doing better with sales rising. but all that and not enough to help detroit's motor city and today a judge ruled that detroit is in fact eligible for bankruptcy. >> i know there are a lot of
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people that are upset and concerned about their futures. but they are now starting from square one. >> new developments in the death of cleveland kidnapper with the conclusion that he did in fact commit suicide in his cell debunking the theory that he was trying to kill himself while getting a sexual thrill. >> the submarine was able to travel one and a half times around the world without refueling. fox news alert four people killed while several cars came off the track on sunday. the train was going 82 miles-an-hour heading into a
11:34 am
curve that was only 32 miles-an-hour. they believe the conduct ter was disteracted or may have fallen asleep heebehind the wheel. >> they may have told investigators on sunday that he zoned out, or dozed off moments before the train left the tracks just below us here down in the bronx. a number of local newspapers or media outlets, the conductor told them that he had lost focus and zoned out and too late realized that the train was going too fast and he fell asleep as the train was approaching the curve. he said the brakes weren't
11:35 am
applied until six seconds before the crash. >> the pressure dropped to zero. our investigators will be carefully reviewing the data. and to determine why the throttle went to zero. also today the bronxda's office said that it is actively involved and working with the nypd and metro north. they are conducting a parallel investigation. it collects facts and issues findings but the da's office would need to determine if a crime was committed. and that engineer reportedly
11:36 am
cooperating with investigators as they continue their investigation. stunning developments thank you so much, rick. let's get analysis on the white house push to remarket obama care. all right we'll have that john boehner in a moment. in the meantime, look who is here. bob cusack. good to have the both of you. you know the business world you get a second chance at first impressions? >> it is an uphill struggle. he has to ask america to ignore the millions of scanceling this cost to tens of millions of people and look at the good
11:37 am
stuff and by the way -- here is the thing. >> your mic doesn't work right now if the desk weren't so far, i would hand you mine. i'm going to go to bob for the questions of the politics of all of this. how does the president survive this politicly? >> i think this white house is going to be more aglgressaggres. democrats have been disappointed. it has had a tough two months. but the white house is pushing back more on the media as well as republicans. i expect the president to be aggressive. as the polls will show, it has been an unpopular law and has taken a major hit.
11:38 am
they push back on republicans and on the washington post report. if the website falters against they are going to take another hit. they are going to come out on a daily basis and talk about the success stories that are happening. is that going to be too much for the american people? that is the line they want the people in the media to be talking about now. do you think people will pay attention with that don a daily basis? >> the people that have their coverage taken away will be louder than the ones enjoying the new benefits. it will come down to how many people enjoy and how many young people enroll. premiums will go up from everybody. we have no idea yet and no break
11:39 am
down on young people versus only people. >> that is interesting bob. since earlier we show a gallop poll that are actually familiar with obama care. i want to go to you for your inaugural run here. >> i think it is an uphill struggle for the president of the united states this afternoon asking america to ignore the chaos that his obama care has created in our system. saying ignore the cancellation. ignore the extra costs laid on tens of millions of people. that is a tough road to ho. at the same time he is trying to focus blame on the republicans. it contrasts so sharply day-to-day on our experiences. this thing is not working. it is costing us more money.
11:40 am
that is the underlying reality and i don't think we can get over that. so gentlemen if you will wait for me in a moment. we are going to take a break and be right back with the president's remarks.
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we are still awaiting a statement from the president from the white house. we will bring it to you when it happens. 2:43 right now. >> in the meantime, a major winter storm on the move. lots of snow winter warnings posted everywhere. janice dean is in the weather center. >> we are going to see the passenger f potential for over two feet of snow. we have dozens of states with a winter weather advisory. this is going to bring 6, 12, even two feet of snow.
11:44 am
especially over the colorado rockies. very excited ahead of this cold front we could see an icy mix down towards the south over the next couple of days. this cold air is going to override very warm air. it could freeze. that could be dangerous over the next couple of days. there are the temperatures right now. single damaigits. this is forecast radar. as you can see, the forecast windchill we are going to be in the minus 14 range here. that is going to continue to move eastward. temperatures below 0 for an extended period of time. that is going to be dangerous. looking at tuesday, wednesday, thursday. prolonged period of temperatures these are forecast highs in the single digits and it is going to
11:45 am
be dangerously cold. we will see windchills. that is a cold front. so, obviously something we are going to monitor over the next couple of days. all right. thank you so much for that update. we are still awaiting a statement from the president. this is the introduction going on. let's bring back in stew barney and bob cusack. there was an update today that, the new goal was not a number but just survival into the new year. >> if you don't get all of those
11:46 am
people signed up and paying money into these insurance pools, it's cost of the pools has to go up and if the insurance companies are not making a profit, then we the taxpayer have to bail them out. but it is there. >> let's let them in now. >> thank you to monica and everybody standing behind me and thanks for everybody out there who cares deeply about this issue. you know monica's story is important because for all the day-to-day fights here in washington around the affordable care act, it is stories like hers that should remind us why we took on this reform in the first place. for too long, few things left working families more vulnerable to the anxiety of today's economy than a broken health care system.
11:47 am
so we took up the fight because we believe in america nobody should have to worry about going broke because someone and their family got sick. we believe we are a better country than a country where we allow every day 14,000 americans to lose their health care coverage or wherever i year tens of thousands of americans die because they don't have health care. we felt we were better than that, that is why we took this on. [ applause ] >> and, that's what the government lost a little bit over the last couple of months and our focus rightly had to
11:48 am
shift for its working 24/7 to fix the website for the new marketplace. and today the website is working well for the vast majority of users. more pop up and when we do we'll fix those too. but what we also know is after just the first month, despite the problems in the rollout, about half a million people across the country are poised to gain health care january 1st, for the very first time, we know that. half a million people. [ applause ] >> and that number is going to keep iniesing and growing and growing and growing. we know there are a whole bunch
11:49 am
of folks out there who are under inched and don't have a good deal. and we know that the product on these marketplaces is good. and it provides choice and competition for people that allow them in some cases for the first time to have the security that health insurance can provide. the bottom line is this law is working and will work into the future. people want the financial stability of health insurance. we are going to continue to work on the problems of any start-up, any launch of a project this big. whatever comes up we are just going to fix it. because we know that the ultimate aim is to make sure that people have basic security and the foundation for the good health that they need. now we may never satisfy the
11:50 am
law's 0 poen ants. some are routing for it to fail. some have already convinced themselves that it has failed regardless of the evidence. but i would advice them to check with the people who are here today and the people that they represent all across the country whose lives have been changed for the better. by the act. the other day i got a letter from julia walsh. i have a lot of things to worry about she wrote. but thanks to the affordable care act, there are a lot of things i do not have to worry about. and whether my treatment will benp fit my family and i can't begin to tell you how much that piece of mind means. that is what the act means to
11:51 am
julia. sam weir, a doctor in north carolina, emailed me the other day. the coming years will be challenging he wrote. but my colleagues and i draw strength from knowing that beginning with the new year, that preventive care many of our patients will be putting off and will be covered and the patients that we have not yet seen will be able to get the care that they need. >> you have been listening to president obama and he has been speaking in the stealth auditorium. the people behind him, it looks like young people and monica shared her story and the young
11:52 am
peop people. let's go back to bob and stew. bob, in the little bit that we were listening to there. they have done this before though and that is a bit of a problem, they had to focus on this over the last few months. it hasn't changed the public opinion of the law. at least they are back trying again.
11:53 am
>> i want to talk to you about the impact on the economy. did you not? >> i do not agree with him. impact on the economy will be holy neglect -- wholly negative. going to take money out of the private sector, and that's bad because that slows down the rate of growth. with all of these jobs skewed towards parttime work and away from employing more than 50 fulltimers. that's again a negative impact. taxes hear've gone up on interest, dividends, profit, and income, and on medical devices, and they're going to go up more on cadillac plans. all of this means the economy slows. the impact on the -- over obamacare on the economy is negative. it's not a plus. it's not an economic plus. it is a negative. >> you believe it's more than just a broken web site. >> well, 80% of people were satisfied with their health care before we obamacare. that's not a broken system. >> stu, bob, thank you for watching the speech with us and
11:54 am
your analysis today. have a great one. >> incredible new video of an ocean rescue after a man was trapped for days underwater. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief. this season, discover aleve. all day pain relief with just two pills.
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fox newsletter now. an incredible new video of an ocean rescue after man was trapped for days, underwater. trace gallagher is live in our west coast news room with this story. how could that be? >> reporter: at it amazing when you think about it. this boat was upside-down in 100 feet of water. the only reason the dive team went down was to recover. they had no idea anybody could possibly be alive but the want dune there, and the ship's cook, 29-year-old man named harrison o'keefe, managed to make his way into a cabin and then close the door. he saw his dead ship mountains but grabbed some mattresses and floated and stayed in this four-foot air pocket for 62 hours. listen to the rescue and look at
11:58 am
his hands. >> what's that? >> alive, alive. keep him there. keep him there. >> can you imagine 100 feet down seeing a hand reaching out towards you? he was in total darkness, no food, no water, he said his skin began peeling because of all the salt water, and that he had no idea when that air pocket surrounding him would totally collapse. he thought this was the end. divers say they were amazed when they got to him, how calm and collected he was. look where he is. for 62 hours, 100 feet below the surface. 20 miles off the coast of nigeria. his 12 ship mates perished when that ship capsized. gretchen. >> that is an amazing story. so at first, trace -- i didn't see where you could actually see where he had been. this is the capsule where he was alive for those three days.
11:59 am
so, how did they manage to find him? it was just seeing that hand? >> it was just seeing the hand. the ship is upshied down, so he is in an air pocket toward the bottom of the boat, and when the dive team came down they had that videotaped and hope you saw the hand reach out toward them, that ways the first time. >> thank you for bringing that to us. wearing hear from you on our -- we're hearing from you on our news that president obama has not signed up for his own health care but he will. ten tweets if we hold our breath long enough we would be goner. sharon says signing up is one thing. actually paying and using it is another. and jim, would the secret service let president obama sign up on a nonsecure web site? if we see it, it will be staged.
12:00 pm
>> thank you for sharing your thoughts. we always read them right here ton "the real story" towards the end of the show. thanks for being part of the show. shepard smith is now reporting. >> was the train engineer asleep at the switch or zoned out? what was really happening in the moments before a commuter train jumped the tracks and went deadly in new york? we're live at the scene as investigators work to get answers. crunching plastic guns in your home. printing them. guns you can carry through muttal detectors. that could become legal within days unless congress takes action. >> ready for old man winter? some spots are bracing for the coldest temperatures we have seen in years. ahead just how cold they could get, and who is going to get the worst of it. let's get to it.


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